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Maddie is Turning Three

Maddie will be three years old in a week or so. Wow that’s depressing… Mainly for my own easy reference, here are all my old blog posts on the topic — wow I was naive two years ago when I said “hopefully this will all be over soon”. Really could not imagine at...


2014 – Year in Pictures

I’ll be honest; toward the end of 2014 I woke up feeling blue. A whole lap around the Sun, and there didn’t seem to be all that much to show for it. Didn’t get anywhere with work… Maddie is still a 24/7 challenge… my todo list is longer than ever… and I still don’t look...


How to Carve a Dragon Pumpkin

I really need to make things more often. This was just a pumpkin carving, but it still scratched a deep psychological itch or two… more on that in a minute. After carving a “normal” jack-o-lantern, I tried to prompt Sydney to think of something special to do for the other. Kitty? Witch? Quickly fired up


Use Your Body to Hack Your Brain

Rough night last night with the baby; have been a zombie all day. Can’t focus on any creative work… want to become one with the couch… “No way in hell I’m going to the (climbing) gym.” Know That feeling? Of course you do. Luckily, I remembered a concept from Scott Adams’ Latest Book about tricking your...


July Experiment: Low Information Diet

I have an addiction: I’m interested in about a million topics, and I could spend all day just reading about new technology, philosophical ideas, business, even history. New ideas are like crack to me. It’s a sickness. When the kids are in bed and the wife flips on the TV, I...


May Experiment Recap (Ping Friends)

Just a quickie to get back into the swing of writing publicly again… sometimes you just need to break the silence even if it’s dumb, and then you can have a real conversation. Know what I mean? The May experiment this year was to reach out to a friend or...


May Experiment: Reach out and Touch Someone

First of all, can I just say holy crap did we really blow through 1/3 of the year already? I hope you got your time’s worth. Not sure I did… hmm. Anyhow, back to our regularly scheduled frivolity. For the month of May I’m undertaking something that will sound trivial to many of...


Experiment Wrap-up: Water-only April

For all three of you keeping score at home, my April experiment was to drink nothing* but water — with a couple of cheat allowances built in. Was it a success? Hells yes. Does that mean I didn’t sneak in a couple of extra cheats over the course of the month? Actually yes I did...