Macbook adapter surgery: success!


A couple of weeks ago I bought a replacement adapter for the household computers. The old one gave up the ghost; internal problem of some sort. So I popped on down to the Apple store.

$79 for a replacement; ouch.

But, I do really like being able to charge the computers while on the couch, and I was already there… so I gritted my teeth and ponied up.

Two days later, the dog decided that new cords are delicious. And just like that, it’s time to say goodbye to the dog. (Well, not really; but the thought did cross my mind.)

So. Given that I already decided that I need an adapter in the family room, what to do?

The default response would be to swear a few times, plunk down another $80, and figure out how to make the dog leave it alone (I’m thinking pepper spray).

But there is a more badass solution. Repair it!

A quick Googling turned up instructions for replacing the cord. 5 minutes on Amazon and we find the exact OEM part, for a whopping total of $7.39 including shipping.


Well dang… for 1/10 the cost, I just couldn’t justify doing it the lazy way… no, to retain the rights to my man-card I had to at least attempt electronic surgery. I buy the cord from Amazon and it’s on.

A few days later, a padded envelope arrives from China. Direct. From Friggin China.

I follow the gist of the instructions I had Googled, and within literally 15 minutes I have the adapter back together with the new cord in place. Plug it in… green LED… Score!

$80? Screw that… $8 and good as new. I guess the dog can stay.


Two things:

1) How insanely cool is the world we live in? When you can find a detailed walkthrough on almost any repair or build project in minutes, and when you can order a single, specific, OEM part delivered to your door FROM FRIGGIN CHINA for a whopping $7.39 including shipping. It’s truly an amazing time to be alive.

2) Fixing (or building) things is way¬†more satisfying than buying. It makes the master of your environment, in complete command of the things that might otherwise own you. Once you start, it’s kind of addictive… I’ve got a couple of future projects percolating in the old¬†Thinkolator already.

Got an adapter needing a new cord? Give me a buzz… this was a fun repair. I’d do it again.

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