Month: June 2014

May Experiment Recap (Ping Friends)

ice-creamJust a quickie to get back into the swing of writing publicly again… sometimes you just need to break the silence even if it’s dumb, and then you can have a real conversation. Know what I mean?

The May experiment this year was to reach out to a friend or colleague every weekday. How’d it go?


Seriously… no way to even finesse this one.

I did ping a couple of friends that I hadn’t talked to in a while, but beyond that I just did not stick to the plan. I’m not entirely sure why, either.

Sure, it felt awkward to say “hey we haven’t talked in forever but let’s chat!” but I’ve worked with awkward before.

Yes, it was a rough month for other reasons, but still… I’ve climbed mountains, dammit.

For some reason this one just didn’t click, and after about two weeks I gave myself the rest of the month off. Perhaps it’s something I’ll revisit in a future month; maybe I’ll decide to work it into my schedule next time in another way (I’m thinking that a new Sunday habit would work well).

I suspect that when I’m stressed my introvert pattern becomes stronger than normal. Something to be aware of next time; when you’re aware of the tricks your mind is playing on you it’s generally possible to throw a head-fake and nudge your mind in the right direction.

On the Plus Side

My June experiment, about getting to inbox zero, is going great!

More on that soon… I have a few tips that you can use, and believe me that inbox zero feels fantastic.