2014 – Year in Pictures

I’ll be honest; toward the end of 2014 I woke up feeling blue. A whole lap around the Sun, and there didn’t seem to be all that much to show for it.

Didn’t get anywhere with work… Maddie is still a 24/7 challenge… my todo list is longer than ever… and I still don’t look like Ryan Gosling — WTF life???

Photo Stream to the rescue.

Aaaahhh… after scrolling through a couple thousand pictures, I see that good things did, in fact, happen this year.

First off, it’s fun to see how much Sydney has grown. She doesn’t look like a toddler anymore:


Jan 2014



Jan 2015


(And that’s not even a great picture of Syd — she looks so much more grown up these days!)





So what else? I did manage to sneak in a little trip to Las Vegas in February. Not that Las Vegas, the fun one:


Canyons around Red Rocks




Was great to see Mike. Hiking around with the brothers… good times. Despite the cast:






Let’s see what else…


In March I started to get serious about the mud-pit we call a backyard.

Last year I built an epic playset out back… but ran out of momentum before I did anything about cushioning the landing. Well after a few too many times cleaning up muddy tracks, here’s what we managed to do:






(First, though, I had to run extra power out to my workshop — now the lights don’t dim anymore when I turn on my saw!)

(BTW Mucho thanks for your help with that, Nate!)



The main backyard goal was to build a deck… but to do that I needed a functioning workshop.

Besides the power and massive internal organization, that meant adding on a little lean-to for my dust collector, and expanding the concrete pad out front… so that was my April project.

Getting organized!

Getting organized!

Dust Collector's Home

Dust Collector’s Home


Before pavers…

Indoor-outdoor shop!

Indoor-outdoor shop!


The extra space out front lets me swing my miter saw out and use it, along with a few other major tools, outside — more sun, less dust.

It… is… sweet.











Come May 2014, I ran out of things I just had to do before work could start on the deck. For some reason sitting on these back brick steps isn’t good enough??? 😉

Redneck much?

Redneck much?


(No, the house isn’t on fire.)



This took some serious doing, and wrecked my elbows for months…

Totally worth it.



Even Sydney helped:

Yay holes!

Yay holes!


Yay friends!


During the deck project we also had a way-too-brief visit from our London friends.

Hope we weren’t terrible hosts! Next year we’ll get ourselves above water.




Finished the deck in June. In July we snuck in Sydney’s first State Fair experience… and I finally managed to get to Inbox Zero. (Hey, small personal victories count!)

No Fear

No Fear

Feels as good as you'd think!

Feels as good as you’d think!








Towards the end of August we hit bottom. Maddie had a tiny little minor near-death experience, and we ended up in the hospital for a week or so.

Electrolyte crash

Electrolyte crash

What a trooper!

What a trooper!








While we’re there, in a desperate bid to stay sane, we switched the girls’ rooms and painted them both.

Space for us to sleep next to her...

Space for us to sleep next to her…

Just got home! Whew!

Just got home! Whew!








And in Sydney’s new room, of course we had to build an Epic Bunk Bed. Done.

Yup, room for 3-4 cousins.

Yup, room for 3-4 cousins.








To wrap up the year, we have achieved a new level of sustainability with Maddie, thanks to the pediatric wheelchair and an in-home nurse aide.

Sydney named it Sugar Plum

Sydney named it Sugar Plum

Now *that's* a look...

Now *that’s* a look…








Maddie loves Shaquan!

Maddie loves Shaquan!

You can bust some sweet tricks off this ramp.

You can bust some sweet tricks off this ramp!








Well, that’s pretty much a wrap for 2014. We all survived, the homestead continues to get better and better, and we even managed to squeeze in some fun.

Onward and most definitely upward!











(If you enjoyed this in any way I’d love it if you’d say hi!)

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3 Responses

  1. Keri Wurm says:

    fantastic! great to see all these pictures. your girls are beautiful! I hope we can all get together some time soon.

    • Steve Reaser says:

      Great to hear from you Keri! I hope things are fantastic up your way…

      We just booked a flight to MN for April — for Grandma GG’s big day. Hope to see you all then!

      • Keri Wurm says:

        great! we definitely will be seeing you- Looking forward to it.