Month: January 2018

Jan 2 — Silly little sketch

Catching up on things from the holiday break, but I took a few minutes to break out Paper on the iPad. Just fooling around, remembering how the UI works, etc…

2018 should see a lot of sketching, in various formats. Maybe this is the year I finally learn to draw for realz?


2018 Reboot!

Let’s be honest; 2017 sucked. Moving on.


2018 is going to involve a return to taking care of myself… physically as well as mentally. I’ve really let that slip and I’m feeling it. Bad.

I recently took time to review what makes me feel good, mentally. One of the biggies is being productive; but not in the way of being-busy but of growing, learning, and creating.

So for 2018 I’ve decided to try to make something every day.

Most days it will be something small; that is OK.

Today I made this blog post.