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3 Great Reads from 2013

Quick thought tonight… just wanted to share three of the blogs/posts I came across in 2013 that might change your life.

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1) Mr. Money Mustache

No, I’m not into mustaches, and yes, it’s occasionally a bit over-the-top. Still, face-punching aside, he often hits a false assumption square on the head… there are articles in here that can completely change your relationship with money.

Realizing that freedom (from money worries) is truly attainable, and within a decade if you decide that’s what you want, is an empowering feeling.

More than that, though, it’s about questioning the “normal” that you see around you every day. Sure, everyone works 50+ hours a week and buys a SUV and doesn’t have any time for their passions and waits for retirement at 65… but today (in America especially) you actually have very different options. If you dare.

What if you chose to create the life you really want, rather than pursue what you think is “normal”?

700-0457692) Jim Collins “advice for my daughter post” 

Lots of people talk about advice (financial and otherwise) in broad and hand-wavy terms. Sure, spend less than you earn makes sense. Sure, going with low-fee funds seems to make sense… but there are so many little details to wade through; too much to parse, sometimes,

In this one short read Jim lays out nine simple tactics that, if followed, will virtually ensure that you become financially secure and thus able to do whatever it is that you decide is worth dedicating your life to.

It’s specific, and simple, but it’s sound. If I had read this post 10 years ago, I would be fully retired right now. Wow.

lifestyledesign3) Raptitude, most anything in the “essentials” column.

One more blog about pulling away the false reality that has been pulled in front of your eyes… his greatest hits column has a few gems (that last one should be taken with a grain of salt; he’s not being literal about the “vast conspiracy thing”) but to be honest, most of what David shares here is worth the time.

Read it, close your eyes, and tilt your head back… breathe in an out deeply a few times and just savor the little moment of humanity he’s pointing out. Too often we go through our lives and miss all the living… his is a blog about experiencing this amazing world again.